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Property filming has become a rather saturated industry in the last few years. So much so that some property industry professionals have started shooting real estate videos themselves, unfortunately, to the detriment of their brand and public image.

With nearly 20 years experience in creative video production, including direct involvement in TV and Film production, you're in very safe hands. I understand the meaning of "time is money" and work in a turnkey manner to take your ideas and evolve them into something tangible that makes you stand out, more often than not in a subtle but highly effective manner.

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A timelapse system will help to modernise and optimise your brand and outperform your competition by generating new leads and cementing credibility. Additional benefits include remote site monitoring, construction progress support and archiving of your construction images (plus a lot more).

Traditionally, property timelapse solutions are frequently overcharged and, therefore, often overlooked. Our highly affordable, state of the art, timelapse systems are currently working all over the South East UK and in London, Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire, especially.

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V/R 360º TOURS

The property industry is benefiting from virtual tours like never before. Anyone, anywhere, can be invited to inspect a property or construction project remotely and enjoy the benefits of exploring your project from far away - with total, uninterrupted, convenience.

A VR Tour will support your construction progress reports, contribute to your property marketing campaign and furnish your stakeholders and investors with additional confidence.

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CGI (Architectural previsuals)

Previously, the domain of large multinationals, CGI and architectural previsualisations are now more affordable than ever. Support your planning applications with compelling footage of your project, set in its final location and wow your investors and target market with imagery that your competitors don't have.

Architectural previsuals support your design and concept, maximise your project's off-plan value and communicate and generate attention in your target market in a unique and captivating manner.

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Honest photos of your property or project are one of the best ways to bring people to your door. The strength of still photos to be used across all platforms (and further still) has been evident for decades.

My photographic experience stems from school days in the 90's, where I learnt how to physically process photos from negative film, that I had painstakingly developed in complete darkness.

Today's photographic methods are far simplified but the attention to detail and commitment to the final product are unchanged.

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Alongside all our other services, I offer a comprehensive range of surveying and inspection services through the South East and beyond.

I help to streamline design, inspection and surveying to allow you to carry on with your build or maintenance smoothly.

Your survey may take the form of a 3D model, captured and generated using affordable and accessible photogrammetry techniques and / or simply use still photos to inspect a site, or otherwise difficult to reach location, such as performing a roof inspection.

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